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A. Zychma,R. Wansing,V.Schott, U.Köhler, C. Wöll, M. Muhler, A. Birkner
„Elucidating elementary processes at Cu/Zno interfaces: A microscopical approach“
Phys.Status Solidi B, accepted for publication 2013
S. Noor, I. Barsukov, M.S. Özkan,L. Elbers, N. Melnichak, J. Lindner, M. Farle, U. Köhler
„Surface morpholotgy and atomic structere if thin layers of Fe3Si on GaAs(001) and their magnetic properties“
J. Appl. Phys. 113, 103908, 2013
„Thermal behavior of MOCVD-grown Cu-clusters on ZnO(10-10)“
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,14, 1654-1659 (2012)
J.Sripirom, S. Noor, U. Köhler, A. Schulte
„Easily made and handled carbon nanocones for scanning tunneling microscopy and electroanalysis“
Carbon 49, 2402 (2011)
J.-J. Gallet,F. Bournel, F. Rochet, U Köhler, S. Kubsky, M.G. Silly, F. Sirotti, D. Pierucci
„Isolated Silicon Dangling Bonds on a Water-Saturated n+-Doped Si(001)-2x1 Surface: An XPS and STM Study“
J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 7686 (2011)
"Large scale morphology of ZnO(10-10)-surfaces)"
Surf. Sci. 603 (2009) L49–L51
C. Mathieu, X. Bai, J.J. Gallet, F. Bournel, S. Carniato, F. Rochet, E. Magnano, F. Bondino, R. Funke, U. Köhler,
S. Kubsky
"Molecular Staples on Si(001)-2 x 1: Dual-Head Primary Amines"
J. Phys. Chem. C 113, 11336 (2009)
I. Barsukov, C. Tomaz, R. Meckenstock, C. Hassel, F. M. Römer, J. Lindner, M. Farle, C. Godde, S. Noor, U. Köhler
"In situ Investigation of Magnetic Transitions in Epitaxial Fe/GaAs(110)"
submitted to Phys. Rev. B
D. Spoddig, U. Köhler, M. Haak, M. Kneppe, , T. Schmitte, A. Westphalen, K. Theis-Bröhl, R. Meckenstock, D. You, and J. Pelzl
"A comparison of Ferromagentic Resonance and Magneto Optic Kerr Effect and on thin Fe films on InAs(001)"
Superlattices and Microstructures 43, 180 (2008)
Kh. Zakeri, Th. Kebe, J. Lindner, M. Farle, C. Urban , U. Köhler
"Temperature-driven change of morphology and magnetic anisotropy of Fe monolayers on GaAs(001)"
Appl. Phys. A 90, 487 (2008)
C. Godde, S. Noor, C. Urban, and U. Köhler
"Structural changes and alloying of annealed iron layers on GaAs(001) and GaAs(110)"
Surf. Sci. 602, 3343 (2008)
M. Kroll, U. Köhler 
"Small Cu-clusters on ZnO(0001)-Zn: nucleation and annealing behavior"
Surf. Sci. 601, 2182 (2007)
Kh. Zakeri, Th. Kebe, J. Lindner, M. Farle, C. Urban , U. Köhler 
"Temperature-driven change of morphology and magnetic anisotropy of Fe monolayers on GaAs(001)"
Appl. Phys. A 2007 
C. Wolf, U. Köhler
"Growth and intermixing of Nb on Fe(110) and  Fe  on Nb(110)"
Thin Solid Films 500, 347-355 (2006)
Xiu-Li Yin, A. Birkner, K. Hänel, T. Löber, U. Köhler, Ch. Wöll
"Adsorption of atomic hydrogen on ZnO(100): STM study" 
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 8, 1477 - 1481 (2006)
D. Spoddig, C. Urban, D.-H. You, U. Köhler, R. Meckenstock
"Strong uniaxial anisotropies of iron grown on UHV cleaved InAs(110) investigated by correlated scanning tunneling microscopy and ferromagnetic resonance" 
J. Appl. Phys. 99, 08J704 (2006)
S. Rangan, S. Kubsky, J.-J. Gallet, F. Bournel, K. Le Guen, G. Dufour and F. Rochet, R. Funke, M. Kneppe, G. Piaszenski, U. Köhler, F. Sirotti
"Dynamic and kinetic aspects of the adsorption of acrylonitrile on Si(001)-2 × 1"
Phys. Rev B 71, 125320(1-9) (2005)
Fabrice Bournel, Georges Dufour, Jean-Jacques Gallet, Stefan Kubsky, Karine Le Guen, Sylvie Rangan, François Rochet, Fausto SirottiR. Funke, M. Kneppe, G. Piaszenski, U. Köhler
"Surface reactions of 3-butenenitrile on the Si(001)-2 × 1 surface at room temperature"
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, No. 26, (2005)
U. Köhler, V. Dorna, C. Jensen, M. Kneppe, G. Piaszenski, K. Reshöft, C. Wolf
"In-situ analysis of thin film growth using STM" 
in Crystal Growth – from Fundamentals to technology, Ed. G. Müller, J.-J. Metois and P. Rudolf, Elsevier B.V., 391-412 (2004)
M. Kneppe,  M. Berse, U. Köhler
"Interface formation of iron on the In-terminated InAs(001)"
Appl. Phys. A79, 1935 (2004)
C. Wolf, U. Köhler
"Intermixing at the interface of the system Nb / Fe(110) studied with STM"
Surf. Sci. Lett. 573, L59 (2003)
02.1 H. Bethge, M. Henzler, U. Köhler, Deutsches Patent Nr. 199 06 960 (2002)
"Verfahren zur Erzeugung von metallenen Strukturen im Nanometer-Bereich auf leitenden Substrat-Oberflächen"
02.2 M. Kneppe, M. Berse, U. Köhler,, R. Meckenstock, D. Spoddig, S.F. Fischer
"Magnetic and structural investigation of the Fe/InAs(001) interface"

Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science (NANO-7/ECOSS-21). - Malmo, Sweden. - 24-28 June 2002
C. Wolf, U. Köhler,
"Inital stages of growth of Nb on Fe(110) investigated by STM"
Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science (NANO-7/ECOSS-21). - Malmo, Sweden. - 24-28 June 2002
K. Reshöft, U. Köhler
"The initial stages of platinum reaction with Si(111) (7x7)"
Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology and 21st European Conference on Surface Science (NANO-7/ECOSS-21). - Malmo, Sweden. - 24-28 June 2002
Martin Kneppe, Evgueni Kot, Volker Dorna, and Ulrich Köhler
"A High-Temperature STM-Study of Iron Silicide Formation on High Index Silicon Surfaces"
MRS Proceedings 648, P10.2 (2001)
U. Köhler, C. Jensen, A.-C. Schindler, L. Brendel, D.E. Wolf
"Scanning tunneling microscopy and Monte Carlo studies of homoepitaxy on Fe (110)"
Philosophical Magazine B, Vol. 80, No. 2, 283-292 (2000)
F.-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, H. Goldbach, H.-L. Günter, H. Horn-von Hoegen, V. Dorna, U. Köhler
"Hydrogen induced domain-wall structure on Si(113)"
Surf. Sci. 458 (2000) 147
G. Piaszenski, R. Göbel, C. Jensen, U. Köhler
"Structure and growth of holmiumon W(110)"
Surf. Sci., 454-456(2000)712-718
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"Investigation of homoepitaxial growth on bcc surfaces with STM and kinetic Monte Carlo simulation"
Surf. Sci., 454-456(2000)676-680
M. Kneppe, V. Dorna, P. Kohstall, U. Köhler
"A kinetic scanning tunneling microscopy study of iron silicide growth on Si(113)"
Surf. Sci., 454-456(2000)802-806
K. Reshöft, C. Jensen, U. Köhler,
"Atomistics of the epitaxial growth of Cu on W(110)"
V. Dorna, Z. Wang, U. Köhler,
"Gas source homoepitaxy on Si(113) - the interrelation of H-induced reconstructions and growth morthology"
Surf. Sci. Lett. 401, L375 (1998)
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"Random walk mechanism for step retraction on hydrogen etched Si(111)"
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"Profile analysis of the supersatellite reflections in Labradorite - a synchrotron X-ray radiation study"
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Phys.Rev B (Condensed Matter) vol.55, no.1, 187-92 (1997)
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"Domain walls and adsorbate-step interactions: an STM study of sulphur layers on Ru(0001)"
Surf.Sci. 347, 80 (1996)
96.2 L.Andersohn, Th. Berke, U. Köhler, B. Voigtländer,
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"Direct observation of strain relaxation in iron layers on W(110) by time resolved STM"
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"Misfit related effects in the epitaxial growth of iron on W(110)"
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95.3 U. Köhler,
"Kristallwachstum unter dem Rastertunnelmikroskop"
Physikalische Blätter Sept. 1995, p. 843
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